• Contribution to strengthening health systems for service equity
      Recognizing the devolved structure of health services and systems, Beyond Zero has donated forty seven fully kitted mobile clinics to forty seven county governments to strengthen the existing outreach programs and referral systems.  The mobile clinic design and specifications were developed in conjunction with the Ministry of Health through wide consultations whilst understanding the specifities of county profiles.  The mobile clinic partly addresses access to health care services for hard to reach areas; informal settlements – focusing on urban and peri-urban areas; and at risk populations.  The sustainability of the mobile clinics is ensured through a formal handing over to the County Government and the signing of Memorandums of Understanding between the County Government, Ministry of Health and Beyond Zero.  This process demonstrates transfer of ownership from Beyond Zero to County Governments.  In addition, each mobile clinic receives a master facility number to enable the County Government allocate health workers, purchase drugs and supplies, allocate budget and report on the national District Health Information System.

    • Contribution to increasing service provision through the mobile clinics
      The forty-seven fully kitted mobile clinics have provided almost half a million integrated services. The services include antenatal and postnatal services; HIV testing, treatment and care; immunization, basic treatment for common ailments, reproductive health cancers screening and treatment (where applicable). Immunization of children is in demand in the Beyond Zero mobile clinics. The key advocacy messages of Beyond Zero -regular cancer screening, knowing one’s HIV status, taking your antiretroviral drugs if one is HIV positive, exclusively breastfeeding a baby up to six months, ensuring full immunization of children – have reached over fourteen (14) million Kenyans.

    • Promotion of Beyond Zero Initiative outside national borders
      Beyond Zero contributes to providing a path towards Kenya’s attainment of its development goals.  This path demonstrates the potential of a leadership model for promoting community empowerment for preventative and curative healthcare.  This model has attracted interest beyond Kenya’s borders and increased donations of health care equipment for facilities in Kenya.  The Initiative has been showcased in forums such as TICAD VI; the Organization of African First Ladies Against HIV/AIDS; Stop Cervical, Breast & Prostate Cancer in Africa; World Assembly for Women; SD Philanthropy Platform; Novartis Social Development Goals Dialogue Event; Project C.U.R.E; United Nations 60th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women.

    • Galvanizing local philanthropists
      Kenya is known world-wide for her sterling performance in athletics and the Founder of the Initiative determined that ”running” would raise the profile of maternal and child health challenges.  Increasing in Kenya, marathons bring together people from all walks of life who identify with a course whilst exercising for fun.  The active citizen participation has grown over the three editions of the First Lady’s Half Marathon and has raised nearly KSH 600 million (US$ Six Million) including in-kind donations. In 2016, the First Lady’s Half Marathon saw the inclusion of a new category for people and/or children with special abilities.